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Snuggled in the soft linen sheets, you can feel the warm morning light flow through the canvas roof and soaking into the covers. Now take a bite out of a buttery croissant while you gaze at the sweeping vines just a stone’s throw from your front door. This is Edgar

Edgar the cubby


Edgar, the cubby, is a bit like breakfast in bed. He’s a simple pleasure, with a touch of indulgence. He’s smooth, cosy and nonchalant. With buttermilk floorboards and creamy tones, Edgar is a breezy hideout with panoramic views of the vineyard, Majura’s rich green pine forest and the black and blue hills of Canberra.



Edgar the winemaker


A pioneer of viticulture in the Canberra district, Dr Edgar Riek planted the first hectare of Mount Majura Vineyard in 1988 with then owner, Mrs Dinny Killen. Planting pinot noir, chardonnay and a field-blend of cabernet franc and merlot, he made the first wines in 1990.

“How can we sketch even a portion of a life such as long, rich, varied and inventive as Edgar Riek?” – goodfood

Dr Riek was a giant in his field. A visionary who had a knack for selecting vineyard sites and an inspiration to all.

Pioneering our own venture, Edgar, is the first cubby of its kind in Canberra. Maybe it was fate that we selected the spot right next to the first vines. Perched directly above “Dinny’s Block”, the original vineyard running across the slope, it was only fitting that we named him after the late Dr Edgar Riek.

Image from Mount Majura Vineyard

Image from Mount Majura Vineyard